DoJo Etiquette

Karate begins and ends with courtesy.

As Is True With Where Ever You Go, How You Act And How You Carry Yourself Is How Others Will Perceive Your Character.

There Is In Fact A Way One Should Carry Themselves In The Dojo. A Code Of Etiquette So To Say.

  1. Bow upon entering and leaving the Dojo. Remember that Shotokan always begins and ends with courtesy.
  2. Upon entering the Dojo, show respect by bowing towards the front of the class. A picture of Master Funakoshi should be there. If you are late and the class has begun, stop at the door, kneel in the seiza position and await acknowledgement from the Sensei or Senpai.
  3. Karateka should treat their Art with respect. Do not fool around before class by mock fighting, running around, or striking other Karateka. This can lead to injury as well as being distracting to those practicing kata or other wise in the few moments before class.
  4. Treat your Dojo with respect. Food, drink, and other substances that could possibly spill do not belong on the Dojo floor. If you notice a mess. Pick it up rather that leave it there because you did not make it.
  5. Karateka should observe the training schedule and should not be late for training.
  6. When the Sensei enters the Dojo, karateka should Call yame, face him and bow. This is a sign of respect and acknowledgment your sensei well deserves.
  7. There should be no idle talking in the Dojo. It is disrespectful, And very distracting to the Sensei and other karateka.
  8. When the class begins, line up quickly, with juniors to the left, in a straight line looking to your right and to your front.
  9. When the Senpai or senior rank calls for 'Mokuso' (meditation), close your eyes, breathe deeply from the lower stomach and try to achieve concentration.
  10. When a Sensei - Senpai gives you some advice listen carefully and sincerely. Do not forget to show that you have heard and understood the advice. Bow & say 'Hai' or 'Arigato gozaimashita'. ('Yes and Thank you.')
  11. Always bow with appreciation and respect.
  12. When you observe the training in the Dojo, kneel in seiza or stand quietly. Never lean against walls or slouch as this shows disrespect.
  13. Always try to keep your training clothes clean and tidy.
  14. Keep your nails short to prevent injury to other karateka.
  15. Jewelry and makeup should not be worn in the Dojo. Hands should be clean and free or ink, or marker. Any rings that cannot be removed must be taped up to prevent injury.
  16. Do not think that Shotokan training is only in the Dojo.