Shotokan Karate Do Acedemy of New England

Shotokan Karate-do Academy Offers Instructions In Traditional Arts

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Monday: Kids Class 5:30-6:30; Adults Class 6:30-8:00
Wednesday: Kids Class 5:30-6:30; Adults Class 6:30-8:00

Please Note Special Classes ex. Saturday Class, New Years Workout, Brown & Black Belt Workouts

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Shotokan Karate-Do Academy of New England is dedicated to the study of the methods and techniques of Shotokan Karate-Do and Okinawan Kobudo. Our goal is continuous improvement physically and morally through the study of these martial arts.

Over simplified. This Is Shotokan Karate Class.
Class Starts Out With The Traditional Bow-In. This Is Followed By A Work-Out Consisting Of Calisthenics, Conditioning, And Some Strength Training. When This Is Over Formal Class Begins. Formal Class Emphasizes Strongly On The Foundation Of Karate-Do.

Kihon Or Karate Basic Movements And Techniques.

Kata, Or As Is Called In Other Martial Arts Forms. This Is, In A Nut Shell, Many Basic Moves Put Together. One Move Will Flow Into The Next, Into The Next... Often Changing Directions And Footing.

Kumite. Or Sparing. There Are A Few Types Of Sparing. They Include Free-Style, Point Match, 5 Step, And One Step.

Other Aspects Of Our Training Include...

Goshin, Or Self-Defense.

Kobudo, Or Weapons. We Focus On Okinowan Kobudo. Weapons Study Include Bo, Sai, Kama, And Tonfa. This Is Not To Say Others Won't Be Added As Time Goes On. Kobudo Is Only Taught To Ranks Of 6th Kyu And Up.

Grappling, Or Ground Work. We Also Work A Great Deal Of Ground Techniques, As Well As Small And Large Joint Locks.

Class Ends With A Bow-Out. So To Say, Karate Training Should Always Begin And End With Courtesy.

For more information on the philosophy, history, and other aspects of Shotokan Karate-do and training please click the "Further Reading" button on the right or scroll down.

To contact us about trying a class. (Yes. First class is free.) Click here or the "Get in Touch" button. Remember please that phone calls can never replace you coming down and having a look for yourself.

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